MM3AWD Online

Amateur Radio Operator/Contester

  QRA: IO87XM   WAB: NJ94 

Welcome to the Homepage of Scott Mcleman, MM3AWD

30 Years of Age 

QRP Enthuasiast ( I use no more than 5 Watts of Power at any time)

I live in a small village called Old Deer which is 11 miles west of Peterhead and 30 miles from the Oil & Gas capital of Europe, the city of Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland.

I have been interested in Radio Communications since a very young age, licensed since 2002 as MM3AWD at the age of 14

Since being licensed i have worked close to 300 DXCC with 5 Watts or less.

In early years I only had indoor dipoles.

Very active. Contesting being my main love.

Also a DXCC and award hunter.

I have a portable QTH with 3 acres of land, on a large hill and totally open in all directions. Big plans are afoot to create a competitive contest station from this site.

Member of the following Groups.


Active on All HF Bands/Modes

Antenna's HF:

Steppir DB18 @100 Feet

2 Element Yagi on 40m @ 80 Feet

Doublet & Loops for 160 thru 10

Antenna's VHF:



HF: Yaesu FT1000MP

6M: FT450D


Contest Logging: N1MM+

General Logging: LOG4OM

Digi Modes: MMTTY, WSJT-X, FLDigi


My DXCC Totals

  Worked Confirmed
Mixed 296 256
SSB 265 203
CW 242 195
Digi 220 190






WAS Totals

  Worked Confirmed
Mixed 50 50
SSB 50 50
CW 50 50
Digi 48 46

Last Updated 19/03/2018


Contact Me  

Mailing Address:

"MM3AWD" Scott Mcleman
4 Aden Crescent
Old Deer, Peterhead,
AB42 5JN


73, Scott



Next Contest:

ARI DX Contest

5 May 2018

Planned Category


Last Contest:


Band QSOs
160: 0
80: 61
40: 172
20: 156
15: 0
10: 0
Total: 389 MULTS 126
Score 773,055

Club: Interest Group RTTY