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About Me   GL: IO97CM   WAB: NK14AB  

My name is Scott Mcleman and I am 18 years of age, I live in a small town called Peterhead which is about 32 miles North of the city of Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland.

I have been interested in Amateur Radio since I was 8 years of age, I started on the pirate bands, then the chance of doing the foundation license came along and I jumped at the chance, so after being on the pirate bands for around 5 years in 2002 myself and others from my area passed the foundation license and I received my callsign MM3AWD.

Since I have been licensed I have worked over 200 different countries with indoor dipoles and only 10 watts. When I first received my license I used a Yaesu FT101 ZD but now i use the Kenwood TS570 DG.

I live in a 3 storey building which makes it difficult to put up outdoor antenna's so that's why we use indoor dipoles in the attic of the house.

My dad is also licensed as MM3AWA Gordon we live in the same QTH so it makes life difficult for both of us to use the radio at the same time HI.

Hope you enjoy my webpage.


MM3AWD - Mike Mike Three All Wheel Drive  "Scott Mcleman"

  Active On All Modes 

  Active On All HF Bands


HF : All Bands Except 10M

Dipole Antenna's Inside Attic Of House

Vertical for 160M   


 QRV on 144Mhz FM.




Sommercamp TS-480 2M FM


     Contest : Writelog and N1MM

     General : Winlog32 by G0CUZ 


 MY DXCC Totals :        MIXED - 263      Confirmed : 195

                                  SSB - 246          Confirmed : 158

                                  CW - 188           Confirmed : 137

                                  DATA - 193           Confirmed : 108

My IOTA Totals :   Worked - 206

                           Confirmed - 87

US Counties Totals :   Worked - 269

                                Confirmed - 95

WAS Totals:   Worked - 50

                    Confirmed - 48


MY 2006 Totals :    MIXED - 172      Confirmed : 132

                            SSB - 134          Confirmed : 93

                            CW - 153          Confirmed : 85

                            DATA - 142        Confirmed : 101

 Last Updated 02/06/2006

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398 Qsos with  207,772 Points

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 02/06/06 - Whole Site Updated.

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Contact Me  

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"MM3AWD" Scott Mcleman
2F Crossfolds Crescent
Peterhead, AB42 1RD


Peterhead is a small town in the most North Easterly part of Scotland about 50Km north of its nearest city Aberdeen. The town is twinned with Aalesund in Norway. Peterhead is well known for its support to the oil industry with its large supply base for the Vessels heading too and from neighbouring oil rigs in the North sea.

Peterhead has a very large sea fishing fleet, infact it is said that Peterhead has the largest white fish fleet in Europe and most of the town depends on the fishing industry, but sadly now the fishing industry is dieing in this area of the world due to Quota cutbacks and vessel decommissioning.

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